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Simple but meaningful risk analysis.You need a tool that makes risk analysis simple but is also comprehensive enough to meet regulatory demands. With core controls based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and risk rating using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), VSC applies widely-accepted standards in a unique interface. You’ll get a detailed view of risk, threats, and compliance without forcing you to become a risk management guru. It’s easy to get started and you can assign facility, technology, and vendor surveys to the right people to lighten your load. If you find gaps, VSC’s remediation workflow helps you address the areas that need your attention the most.Automatic compliance reporting.Compliance mandates seem to come from every corner – a growing collection of federal, state, and industry requirements are ratcheting up your cyber security expectations. If you don’t comply, fines and penalties could cost a lot. HIPAA enforcement reached $28.7 million in 2018 and small businesses aren’t immune – the last settlement of 2019 claimed $65,000 from an ambulance company for on-going security problems. However, monitoring security compliance doesn’t have to be hard. VSC helps you make the connection between your security activities and compliance, so you can easily view compliance status. Our content team adds and updates requirements to keep your compliance reporting current.Better policies and procedures, built-in.Cyber security professionals call policies and procedures the foundation of your security program. Unfortunately, a lot of organizations have weak foundations – policies that are woefully out-of-date and hard to understand combined with procedures that don’t seem to help you do anything. A better program is just a click away… VSC’s content library includes carefully designed policies, procedures, and standards that are ready to use. If you want to make changes, customization is a breeze. VSC’s unique role-based model means you only send the policies and standards that fit each user. VSC takes care of distribution, too, and makes it easy for you to track acknowledgments.Focused cybersecurity training and awareness reminders.Your team is your first line of defense against cyber attacks, but you need to equip them to identify and react to those threats. VSC includes training videos that aren’t too long (most are under 5 minutes) and that don’t mix in more jargon than needed. Most training focuses on real-world threats and practical guidance but we cover compliance topics, too, and you can add your own training if you want. VSC assigns videos by email and you can just click a link and view training without even logging in. VSC tracks acknowledgment and sends reminders when training is overdue. You can keep security top-of-mind by scheduling automatic awareness reminders from VSC’s library, delivered to your team’s inboxes every week or so!Integrated incident management.It takes an average of over 6 months for organizations to detect cyber security breaches. If you can get your workforce to spot suspicious activity and report it quickly, you’ll have a better chance to prevent a catastrophic attack. VSC’s training and awareness library helps you promote incident reporting by reinforcing expected behaviors and explaining threats. Our customers tell us regular awareness reminders have helped them move response times from months to minutes. And, if you don’t already have an incident reporting tool, VSC has incident reporting and tracking features built in!Point-and-click vendor assessment.You rely on third parties – whether you call them vendors, service providers, suppliers, business associates, or partners – to keep your business going. This almost always means that third parties store, transmit, process, or access your sensitive data. Hackers know how interconnected businesses are today so they jump from victim to victim. An email from a trusted partner could really be a phishing attack. Or, your IT service provider could be the path a hacker needs to plant ransomware on your network. If your vendors don’t protect your data, it’s your problem. VSC provides you with effective tools to assess vendor risk, quickly and easily. You’ll see assessment results in VSC’s risk analysis and compliance reports so you’ll have a clear view of vendor security.

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All you need for a comprehensive security program, online and ready-to-use. No installation required – you can use Virtual Security Center from any computer with a web browser. VSC’s content library includes policies, standards, procedures, training, and awareness. VSC’s built-in workflow simplifies risk analysis – from risk weighting to assessment to remediation tracking – and integrates compliance reporting without any additional work.

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